About me

Hi! I am a programmer, web developer (full stack), pentester and a student currently pursuing 12th standard in science stream (PCM+CS). I started my journey in programming with python in 2020 during the lockdown period. I was fascinated by all the things I can do with it. I made a few instagram bots [eg. post scheduler, auto dm] with python, I remember that time I felt really proud of myself (ha ha..). Then I started learning about the web. The learning curve was smooth, I started with HTML, CSS & Vanilla JS as usual and eventually learned React JS, Node JS, Next JS. And currently I’m learning hugo [Fun Fact. This site is built with Hugo]. In December ‘21 I made a anime streaming site (aniflix) with Next JS. Now let’s talk about pentesting, I started pentesting in 2021. I love to exploit, I also own a telegram group with over 2.45k members related to pentesting (hackthebox1). I also belong in the top 1% of tryhackme (Profile Link).

I use arch btw. I am a hardcore linux user. I use bspwm as my window manager.

Few projects I am proud of:

  • MyIGBot [Python, 125 starts, 26 forks] [Code Quality: High]
  • bomberthon [Python, 204 starts, 56 forks] [Not really proud of this] [Code Quality: Low]
  • aniflix [Next JS, 14 starts, 2 forks] [Code Quality: High]
  • instagram-auto-dm [Python, 55 starts, 12 forks] [Code Quality: Low]

Have I told you guys, that I also do freelancing? I don’t use any platform like fiverr or upwork. If you wanna hire me, you can mail me at [email protected]

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